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Keith’s on Sylvan Beach
& Keith’s on Pumicestone

Sandy, my wife and I (Steve) live at Sandstone Point, just over the bridge from Bribie and love our location and community. I was an airline pilot for most my life and Sandy originally comes from Germany, but is now a very proud Aussie!! We run our four units personally, looking after all aspects of the business. Sandy also has a very successful business on Bribie Island, Sandy’s Sheet Service, where she launders large and bulky items that are otherwise difficult for most people to wash. Between Keith’s Units on Bribie and Sandy’s sheet service she employs 5 local ladies.

An Experience Like Never Before

In the 2023 “Customer Review Excellence Awards”, our units scored 9.6, 9.6, 9.7 and 10 out of 10!! These are exceptional scores. Of the two million properties across the world, less than 500 get a 10/10 score. Keith’s on Sylvan Beach scored 10/10 this year and Keith’s Sister scored 10/10 six or so, years ago and after all these years still rates a whopping 9.6.  We have been AirBnB Super-Hosts for years and we are VRBO (Stayz, Homeaway, Expedia etc.) Premium Hosts, whilst we receive endless “5 Bubble” reviews on Tripadvisor.  These awards are no accident.  We work very hard to make sure that all our guests have the best possible stay.

One of the things our customers compliment us on, is our Customer Service. We grew up in an era where this was super-important (or you didn’t survive in business) and we are determined to continue providing the best customer service and experience possible, to all of our guests.  We “Meet & Greet” 90% of our guests and show them through the units, so they know where everything is and how works.  This is personal to us. We want to make our guests feel at home and wanted. More than 50% of our bookings are now from previous guests, who just want to keep coming back and enjoying being spoiled by us. You will love it too.  So, come to Keith’s on Bribie and experience how a real holiday, business stay or just a getaway should be.

The Perfect Family Getaway

Sandy & I are incredibly proud of what we have been able to achieve with “Keith’s on Bribie”.  Our reputation is “second to none” on the Island. We provide the cleanest and most “up to date” units on Bribie.  It has taken us a lot of time (years) and effort build our team at Keith’s on Bribie.

Our cleaners are fastidious and have a real pride in their work, as though they own each of these beautiful units themselves. Near enough is certainly NOT good enough for our cleaning girls. Perfect is the only acceptable result!  You will see from our glowing reviews, that our guests rave about the cleanliness of our properties.

On top of this, our laundry girls make “an art-form” out of washing, sun-drying and roller ironing our high-quality linen, so you can slide into bed at night, to the feel of crisp fresh sheets.

We pride ourselves in ensuring that everything in our units is new and serviceable. There is nothing worse than arriving somewhere to find that things are old, shabby or not working. We make sure that doesn’t happen. Occasionally something breaks or fails, so we quickly fix it or replace it. You pay for a serviceable apartment, so we supply one.

So...Why Are Our Units Called Keith's?

Our Dad, Keith Gregory, was the original owner of “Keith’s Place on Bribie” and lived there for 28 years. He adored his “piece of paradise” looking over the Pumicestone Passage. He is the name-sake of all four of Keith’s units on Bribie.

Keith was a colourful character, well known and liked here on Bribie Island. He knew just about every joke ever told and loved sharing them with anyone who would listen. He loved a beer or Bundy (Bundaberg Rum) on a hot day, or any other day for that matter, but never before the sun went down! Many a great afternoon has been spent sitting just across the road in the park, watching the sunset and having a Bundy. If you feel the sudden urge for a Bundy over at the sea-wall, it’s probably just the other good spirit, Keith, inviting you over to enjoy the view he so loved!

Born and raised a “Brissie Boy”, Keith was bought up with his older sister and two older brothers, by their single mother, in the 1920’s – a difficult achievement in those tough times. He volunteered for the Navy during WWII, and served on the HMAS “Platypus” as a seaman-gunner. He was in Darwin Harbour for most of the Japanese raids, and history shows that the gunners on the “Plats” put up such a “fire-storm” that it was one of the few ships that was virtually undamaged during the relentless “Zero” raids. He then volunteered for DEMS (Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships). These were basically commandeered commercial ships, where they bolted a big gun onto the bow – not the best way to tour the Coral Sea back in those days! He served on everything from supply ships to Avgas tankers. We (his kids) feel very lucky, just to be here! Keith was part of the liberation of the Philippines.

Soon after the war, he met his wife of 66 years, Shirley and they married in 1946. Keith trained as a Builder/Cabinet Maker after the War. He and Shirley bought a small block of land at St Lucia, where they proceeded to build our family home. Mum received gifts of stumps, window frames and sheets of fibro as presents for birthdays, Christmas or other special occasions!

In 1954, Keith was approached (by absolute chance) to become the dealer for a new woodworking product called “Sawmaster”, a radial-armed saw. This product revolutionised the building industry in Queensland, taking it from the hand saw to the power saw. Instead of taking a week to cut out a house frame (in Queensland hardwood), it now took a day. He and Shirley started this fledgling business underneath our St Lucia home, and with a huge amount of hard work, the Sawmaster business slowly grew into a “house-hold name and icon in the building industry” and the business continues to this very day.

Keith and Shirley retired from KM & SE Gregory in the mid 80’s and passed the business onto their older sons Robert and Alan. Their daughter Loraine went into the corporate world and eventually into her own small business and the youngest son Steve, became an airline pilot. Now run by son Alan, Gregory Machinery is one of the largest woodworking machinery businesses in Queensland and Australia, with a “one acre under roof” warehouse and showroom in the Brisbane suburb of Richlands.

Keith loved this apartment so much, he bought the place, whilst it was still being built. He stopped into to have a quick look at the unit, as a family friend was building it. After one minute he walked out of the unit simply saying “That’s mine!!”, and he bought it immediately. He lived here for the rest of his life, and as I said earlier, adored the place.

Keith passed away the way we’d all like to go, peacefully in his sleep at age 90 just as he wanted, still living independently in his beloved unit on his treasured island. A phone call from Keith was easy to pick, as the first thing to pass his lips in typical humour after you answered would be, “I’m calling from overseas. Am I talking to Australia?” We were still having Rumbos, at the sea-wall with him up until four days before he passed away.

Keith was someone who never liked to be fussed over and told us he didn’t want a funeral, just a party. He was the King of Parties in his younger days and the life of the party right up until the end. We know he would have loved his send-off party and know that he was there in spirit. Truth be known, he’s probably still partying on after sundown everyday over at the sea-wall, so if a warm feeling and smile comes over you suddenly, he’s no doubt just whispered a joke in your ear.

Anyway, that’s a small excerpt from the life story of Keith Maxwell Gregory 28/09/1921- 08/11/2011. I could write a lot more. He was a good Husband, Dad, Grand-Dad, Great Grand-Dad and Friend to many, as well as a champion indoor bowler in his later years, life of the party, and a very funny man. He enjoyed having friends and family to “number 75” and we know, he would be delighted to know that others are enjoying his “piece of paradise” now that he’s gone.

We (the Gregory Family) hope you enjoy your stay at “Keith’s Place” as much as he did, no matter how long or short your visit. Once again, if you feel a strange urge to venture across the park with a drink in your hand at sunset, it’s probably Keith calling you. Please say “G’Day” to him for us and raise a glass to our wonderful “Old Man”!!!

The Most Popular Units On Bribie Island

Keith’s Units are in-fact, the four most popular units on Bribie. Each unit has a fantastic view over the Pumicestone Passage. They are personal, cosy, but most importantly, the best place to relax and unwind. So, if you are looking for the best holiday experience, Keith’s on Bribie units are the go-to places for Bribie accommodation.

We are not the typical Bribie Island holiday rentals. We offer you the best quality furnishings, immaculately clean, calm and quality accommodation, with a personal touch, to offer you a home away from home feel. To top it all off, we pamper our guests with various free inclusions, whether they are at Keith’s for a long or short break.


Keith's Place

1/75 Welsby, Bongaree QLD


Keith's Sister Unit

30/52 Bestman Avenue, Bongaree QLD


Keith's Pumicestone

5/95 Welsby, Bongaree QLD


Keith's Sylvan Beach

1/15-17 Sylvan Beach Esplanade, Bellara QLD