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Incredible Bribie Island holiday unit

1/15-17 Sylvan Beach Esplanade

Bellara Queensland

Sandstone Point Accommodation

 Nearest unit on Bribie to the Sandstone Point Hotel

Keith’s on Sylvan Beach is one of the closest holiday rental units on Bribie Island to the Sandstone Point Hotel. It’s just a short walk across the Bribie Bridge to the iconic hotel, famed for spectacular outdoor concerts, stunning views, great facilities for weddings and general get-togethers. This awesome unit offers spectacular views of the Pumicestone Passage, the Bridge and the Glasshouse mountains from all rooms, as well as the huge front deck. The unit itself is a modern, air-conditioned, beautifully appointed, two bedroom apartment with quality inclusions and extras.

What about the Sandstone Point Hotel itself? 

A comfortable stay is the most crucial factor to consider while booking your accommodation on a holiday or travel. If you are on vacation, there’s nothing like a picturesque hotel with luxurious amenities to help you relax and feel comfortable. That, and more, is what Sandstone Point Hotel offers guests in Queensland. Nestled comfortably on a 300-meter unobstructed water frontage, the Sandstone Point Hotel accommodation is your ideal holiday getaway. Surrounded by natural beauty, it offers a lovely bistro and exquisite facilities to host functions, entertainment, and much more. If it doesn’t feel like a piece of heaven on earth, nothing else can! It is no wonder then that Sandstone Point Hotel is the winner of “Australia’s Best Hotel 2022”. 

What’s great about the Sandstone Point Hotel?

Many factors work well for the Sandstone Point Hotel. Some of them are:


When it comes to hotels and accommodation facilities, location is crucial. Thankfully Sandstone Point Hotel is located at such a beautiful site overlooking the pristine waters of Pumicestone Passage & Bribie Island, offering picturesque views for tourists and locals alike. It also means that Sandstone Point hotel weddings will be events your guests will remember forever.


What’s a hotel without fine dining? You’ll discover unique flavour combinations from the fresh produce-driven menus of Sandstone Point hotel, that’ll entice your taste buds. If you are planning Sandstone Point hotel weddings, check out the menu and include them in your day’s event. There are also many, many cafes and restaurants on Bribie Island and Sandstone Point that offer quality dining in some awesome locations.


Sandstone Point hotel is one of the most iconic and sought-after entertainment destinations in Queensland. The Sandstone Point hotel concerts are rated a notch higher than others, not only because of the excellent location but also the fantastic entertainment experience on
offer. It is no wonder the hotel is the winner of Queensland’s Best Entertainment Venue and has hosted some of the major national and international artists throughout the year. It is now one of Queensland’s most iconic entertainment destinations. Set on an idyllic waterfront with views of Moreton Bay’s most famous waterway, Pumicestone Passage, and the iconic Bribie Island, the hotel offers you an unmatched Queensland outdoor event experience like no other.


The accommodation near Sandstone Point hotel offers excellent facilities and amenities for concerts, weddings, or fun holiday activities. You can be assured that there are plenty of good times to enjoy on the shores of Sandstone Point. There are several accommodation places near Sandstone Point hotel. Still, you’ll not find better accommodation in the Sandstone Point hotel area than the four most popular units on Bribie Island, Keith’s Units on Bribie. Keith’s place, Keith’s Sister unit, Keith’s on Sylvan, and Keith’s on Pumicestone are the most popular rentals Bribie Island. Check our About us page to know more about Keith’s on Bribie.